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Manga Clear Out

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black lady 02

Kodomo no Omocha aka Kodocha - a classic shoujo series about a child actress. COMPLETE.

Othello - a shoujo story about a reserved girl who begins to suffer from an alternate personality. COMPLETE.

Kashimashi - 1, shounen. A guy turns into a lady. Yuri ensues.

Moon Child - 1-4, a shoujo series from the 1990s.

Genju no Seiza - 1-4, a shounen series by Matsuri Akino, who also wrote Petshop of Horrors. It involves a lot of Indian mythology.

D. Gray-man - 1-2, popular shounen series.

Saint Marie - 1-2, girl's manwha about a secret society based on chess. It's really very good, reminds me a bit of Utena, but ADV never finished publishing it.

Ultra Maniac - Mahou Shoujo series by Wataru Yoshizumi, who wrote Marmalade Boy. It's a ton of fun. COMPLETE.

A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar - adaptation of the TV show. COMPLETE.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Arina Tanemura's shoujo series about a thief on the side of god. IMO, her best work. COMPLETE.

Princess Tutu 1 & 2 - manga adaptation of the shoujo TV series. COMPLETE.

MISSING: Kamikakushi no Monogatari - 1-2.

Someday's Dreamers - 1-2, manga adaptation of the light novel about a modern society with spellcasters.

Someday's Dreamers Spellbound 1-3 - manga set in the same universe as the above.

Slayers (LIGHT NOVEL) - 1-8, this is all that was released in English and forms a complete arc.

Once in a Blue Moon - american manga-style fantasy comic by Oni press worked on by Christina Weir. Only one volume was ever released.

Shutterbox - American manga-style gothic manga. COMPLETE.

Full Moon wo Sagashite - Arina Tanemura's mahou shoujo series about a girl dying of throat cancer. Her most popular work. COMPLETE.

Cowboy Bebop - COMPLETE.

VB Rose - 1-3, shoujo manga about a girl who begins working at a wedding shop.

Tears of a Lamb - 1-2, shoujo manga by Banri Hidaka.

Sea Princess Azuri - 1, american manga-style comic about orca mermaids.

Under the Glass Moon - 1-2, gothic lolita style manwha.

Witch Class - 1-2, Majokko-style manwha.

The Queen's Knight - 1-2, girl goes to medieval world style manwha.

Kamen Tantei - 1-2, Mystery series by Matsuri Akino, author of Petshop of Horrors.

W Juliet - shoujo manga, crossdressing story--where both the male and female lead are passing. Lots of fun, COMPLETE.

Kamichama Karin - shoujo manga by Koge-Donbo. COMPLETE.

Kamichama Karin Chu - 1. Sequel to above.

Digiko's Champion Cup - COMPLETE. Koge-Donbo.

Kon Kon Kokon - 1. By Koge-Donbo. story about a kitsune.

Yoki Koto Kiku - COMPLETE. By Koge-Donbo. I think it's set in the taisho era?

Sakura Taisen - 1-7. based on the videogames.

Beauty Pop - 1-8.

Love Attack - 1-5, shoujo manga about delinquents by Shizuru Seino.

Bride of the Water God - 1-5, gorgeously illustrated manwha based on Korean myths.

The Young Magician - 1-2.

Heaven!! - 1-3, manga by Shizuru Seino.

Dolls - 1-4. Anthology-style manga about life-sized dolls. (Not the one by Mitsukazu Mihara.)

Aqua, COMPLETE, & Aria 1-5 - manga about peaceful and futuristic civilization on Mars with a venice feel.

Popcorn Romance - early 90's shoujo manga by Tomoko Taniguchi.

Just A Girl - COMPLETE. By Tomoko Taniguchi.

Miss Me? - by Tomoko Taniguchi.

Orfina - 1-4. Shounen fantasy series with a warrior girl.

Magical Pokemon Journey - 1-7, all that was published in english. One of the first shoujo manga published in english.

With the Light - 1-7 Jousei manga about a woman who has a child with autism. The only jousei manga I know of in English, it gives a lot of insight into the way Japanese culture treats people with disabilities as well as other aspects of life in Japan that aren't dealt with often in stuff aimed at younger readers, like racism and classism.

Sorcerers & Secretaries - 1. Manga-style comic by Kim Ganter.

Gundam Wing Ground Zero - Complete. Shoujo manga.

Ultra Cute - COMPLETE. Shoujo manga by Nami Akimoto.

Juvenile Orion - COMPLETE. Shoujo manga set in the Aquarian Age universe.

INVU - 1-3. Shoujo manwha by Kim Kang Won

Manga I Will Give to a Good Home:

These are manga that have sentimental value to me but I don't really forsee reading again anytime soon. I'd be wiling to give them to someone who I knew would really enjoy them.

From Eroica With Love - 1-14 (I think I might have 15 back at rosewood?) Classic Shoujo manga with Shounenai overtones. It's about a NATO major who gets into a cat & mouse game with Eroica, a uh... very fabulous thief. It's primarily a spoof of spy stories like James Bond. It's a really neat series from one of the 49ers, but it's not really a personal favorite.

Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers - COMPLETE. The best-selling shoujo manga of all time, about a poor girl who goes to an exclusive school and falls in love with one of the resident bad boys. It's a classic series that has some great moments.
  • how much are you selling RG Veda for?
    • free or best offer + cost of shipping. :-)
      • what's the shipping cost anyways to canada m6p 3v2?
        • I honestly have no idea. I'd have to get the volumes together and bring them to the post office first. If it was more than $10 I'd definitely ask before shipping them, though.
    • I'm sorry!! A friend spoke for it on Facebook already, and I'd like to give my friends dibs over strangers. if she changes her mind, though, you're welcome to it!
      • oh i didn't see this reply lol before i post the last response. no worry but i'm still interested if she decides not to get them.

        is she taking all the mangas? i'm also interested in w juliet. thx
        • No one has spoken for W Juliet, so you're welcome to them! If you want I can check the shipping when I'm sending out my other friend's manga if you don't want to commit without knowing the price of the shipping. I'd probably end up using flat rate though.

          Edited at 2011-11-25 02:21 am (UTC)
          • yeah flat rate is cheaper.

            o_o wow you have alot of cute mangas lol. i don't want to be too greedy lol i really enjoyed the anime series ( didn't even know they were manga series) but i bet the manga would give more info and a better ending.

            so here are the stuff i really would like:
            A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar
            Full Moon wo Sagashite
            Kamichama Karin
            Kamichama Karin Chu
            Kodocha < lol the anime is so funny i watched it 20 times.

            would like if your friend decides not to get:
            RG Veda

            so why are you getting rid of such a nice collection. I would never get rid of my manga collection even if they collapse on me and kills me.
      • Haha, well, don't let them kill you! Even manga is not worth that XD

        It's kind of a combination of things. I no longer have my own place and I don't have a lot of room, but honestly, If the collection truly meant a lot to me that probably wouldn't stop me. Most of these titles are ones that I just can't really imagine reading again or even keeping to lend to other people. They were fun titles and I enjoyed a lot of them (W Juliet especially was a great little series, it may very well be the best thing on that list) but they don't really stand out in my collection as titles I feel are exceptional or worth going back to again and again. I still have a TON of manga and love it to bits, worry not! Honestly, there's kind of a nice feeling to my new smaller bookshelf that's filled just with titles I really feel strongly about. Some of those titles, like Basara or Swan or Please Save My Earth--or my complete collection of the TP Sailor Moon volumes!--you'd have to rip from my cold dead hands.
        • basara *_* i love the anime but too bad the company ran out of budget and only made 13 episodes... would really like what happen to the red king and the hero girl.

          o_o so i take it you like cutesy girl manga right?? lol have you tried otomen ^^ one of my fav and it's so cute. I really like viz mangas. CMX have great manga series too but too bad they went out of business. oh and musashi 9 o_o jane bond kind of manga but really good not corny like james bond.

          you can see my collection maybe you'll find something you want to know more about. I can recommend you some mangas. lol i read all mines at least 3 times ++.

          • VIZ released all of the Basara manga, you can find out the rest of the story if you read it. It is SO GOOD. Even though it's REALLY LONG (one of the longest manga I own) it doesn't have uneven pacing like some of the other really long manga I've read--it's just really awesome start to finish. You can probably find it dirt cheap used.

            Otomen looks cute! Maybe I'll pick it up if I have $$. It reminds me of this news story I read where they talked about how they made sweets look like fast food in one store in Japan so men wouldn't be embarrassed.... Musashi #9 looked neat, I remember when it came out, but I was already collecting SO MUCH MANGA at that time XD It reminds me of Sukeban Deka, an old manga from the 70's that I've always wanted to read. You can't even find scanlations of it, though.

            Viz licenses a lot of manga so I find a lot of their stuff is a total crapshoot. Some of my best mangas (Basara, Kaze Hikaru, Please Save My Earth) were published by Viz, though, so I'm not about to diss them. CMX was probably my favorite manga company when they were around. They licensed A LOT of really neat stuff, including multiple 49er titles, which are a huge gamble for licensers because no one wants to read old manga from the 70s except me, haha. They also licensed Emma, which is one of my favorite manga of all time.

            Does Young Magician ever pick up? Even though I enjoyed Planet Ladder, Narushima's other manga, I had trouble getting into Young Magician.
            • =.= about young magician it's still ongoing which kind of sucks because cmx is gone so no way of getting the whole series but i really like carno. it's worth buying for sure. it was a little hard getting. i was lucky to get half of the series from one ebay seller and the rest from bought individually. musashi #9 i'm teaming up with someone on livejournal to maybe translate the rest of the volumes. only 1 - 15 are translated by someone already but we are hoping to finish the manga. Musashi #9 is kind of hard to get but i got it off someone from mangatude.com

              try looking at livejournal communities for cheap mangas. if you want me to recommend some i can list a few, or you can look at my user information (pretty much all the communities i am in are for selling and buying). i usually buy a lot of mangas on livejournal. lol usually pretty cheap. you just have to look at the seller's feedback on livejournal and don't mark it as "gift' on paypal just to be safe. I haven't gotten a bad seller before so i think it's pretty safe.

              not sure how much the total for all the books i'm getting from you but can you add princess tutu ^^ thx thx

              i'm getting Land of the Blindfolded and penguin revolution by Sakura Tsukuba on livejournal. look pretty good and from cmx.
        • sry sry i forgot princess tutu =.= sry for flooding your blog.

          i will now stop spamming lol thx again
          • So, I went to the post office and the shipping was something huge, like over fifty bucks b/c you can't ship media to Canada :-/. (I looked into flat rate, but not all of it will fit into a flat rate box and 2 flat rate boxes is more expensive than the 1 normal rate box.) If I ship it UPS, it goes down to 41.23 USD. (It may be off by a few bucks, this is me weighing it by holding it while on a scale and subtracting it from my weight without the box on the scale.) Are you still interested? I'm not sure if it would be worth it to you or not--the manga themselves would all be free though, so its probably still cheaper than buying them online, even used, since you'd have to pay the shipping individually on each book. Let me know!

            • $41 isn't bad lol imagine sending international =.= must be like close to $100

              there's like 42 books in total right o_o so your friend decided to take the rg veda?

              thx for doing all this work, i will put these books to good use ( i usually can read like 7 books within a day). i wish i had some money i could spare and pay you better but i'm pretty broke this month but if you ever have a sale i'll come by and have a look.

              if it won't cause you any trouble can you mark the package as a gift and mark it under $60 value? there's some crazy custom fees in canada merchandise under $20 are exempted or $60 below for gifts.

              if you need any help finding any book in particular or have an eye out for something, feel free to ask me.
              • what's your paypal address ^^ i can pay on the 29th and what would be the total. thx again
                • my paypal address is sailor_titan@moonsenshi.net . I sent you message about the total, I'll try to get it within the next week. :-) Sorry, I'm moving so things are a bit crazy.
      • I'll let you know how much the shipping is and then I'll need you addy :-)
  • Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flowers

    Oh my gosh, COMPLETE Hana Yori Dango?! That is 37 volumes isn't it? If you don't find anyone else who would like it, I would be delighted to take that off your hands. I borrowed 1 & 2 from the library years ago and have been hunting for more ever since, but could only get 3-6 (since all the shops round here, when they have it, only ever have volumes in the 20s... and when I turned to scanlations the quality of translation quickly become incomprehensible). I know that shipping would probably cost a heck of a lot since I'm in Australia though D:
    • Re: Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flowers

      Heya! sorry for the late response.

      I'd love to pass these manga on to someone who would give them a good home. I sent some manga to someone in canada for around $30, it was a similar amount... I could certainly get you address (I might only need your zip code? Not sure if just that is okay if you are overseas for finding out shipping) and bring the box to UPS and see how much it is.

    • Re: Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flowers

      hah, also, yes, it is 37 volumes. God, I cannot believe I own a manga that long....
    • Re: Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flowers

      Hiya! I went to my mom's house to get out all the manga, and just to let you know, there is only 36 volumes in the American release of HYD. However, the 37th volume is a collection of Rui Hanazawa side stores--it's not part of the main storyline, so you'll still get a proper ending and everything, you'll just miss out on some bonus content.
  • (no subject) - otaku_want_2b
    • You just pay cost of shipping, the rest is free. :-) I'm really just trying to make some space at this point, and the resale market for manga is pretty bad anyway.

      If you give me your zip code (I may need the whole address if you live overseas) I can figure out how much the shipping is. it might take me a bit b/c the books are still back at my mum's house and I need to get my hands on them.

      Beauty Pop is surprisingly awesome for the ridiculousness of the premise.
  • Hello! I don't know if this is still open, but how much would Shutterbox be with shipping to Arizona/85233? ^^
  • I know, i might be totally late. x3
    But you do still have bride of the water god 1-5 ??
    Love love the series<3
    Hoping for a reply! Thanks~
  • Hi, do you perhaps still have the complete collection of ultra cute by nami akimoto?
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