Katherine Isham (sailor_titan) wrote,
Katherine Isham

Moonsenshi.net revamp!

Moon Senshi: Children of Destiny

That's right! I've completely re-vamped the website. Not only is the layout 200% less 1999, there's updated, expanded, and brand-new character profiles, new images in the image galleries, and new info sections on various fanon elements unique to the Moon Senshi-verse. Check it out if you like future!fic, HeliosxChibi-Usa, or things which are ungodly nerdy.

Also, in case anyone who hasn't read it is wondering, Moon Senshi is not evil!Neo Queen Serenity fic. Yes, Crystal Tokyo isn't the utopia that the manga seems to make it out to be--but it's not doom and gloom station, either. Even if she's not a perfect ruler, Neo Queen Serenity's intentions are always pure.
Tags: moon senshi

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