Katherine Isham (sailor_titan) wrote,
Katherine Isham

Moon Senshi Episode 21 progress

Words 423/≈16,000

that's right, I've officially started! And at this point, it looks like the first scene will be our introduction to the final OC senshi--Sailor Hyperion.

I'm still coming to terms a bit with how much of her Neo-Catholic faith is intact, but I think that even if Kaethe doesn't still see Neo-Queen Serenity as a saint, she still sees her as holy. Still, even if Kaethe is also superpowered like the queen, she didn't bring about a Utopia--so I think that Kaethe still sees the queen as a holy figure to at least some extent.

I'd like Kaethe to keep her faith to some degree, since most of the characters (as with actual Japanese people) aren't particularly faithful, and Kaethe seems like the sort of person that would always have religion figure into her life.
Tags: moon senshi, writing

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