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Rock Beyond Belief

I don't usually talk about political/religious stuff on LJ, but I feel like this is the kind of thing anyone with a conscience can get on board with, so--I am today!

Not-so-very-long-ago, There was a concert held at Fort Bragg. That concert, "Rock the Fort", was a specifically proselytizing-oriented event held on government grounds, with government funds by the chaplaincy. The purpose of a chaplain is the (very important) service of providing religious support to worshipping Christians who live and serve at the fort--not to convert other soldiers or serve the surrounding community. Not only was their intended goal to convert soldiers, but they did so on a stage. Many Christians complained about the event as well, so it wasn't just those dang pesky atheists.

When people complained, the fort "...released a statement explaining that they wouldn’t be cancelling [sic] the evangelical Christian festival because: [Fort Bragg] would be willing and able to provide the same support to comparable events…” – Lieutenant General Frank G. Helmick."

Okay, fine. except that that didn't happen. When the non-religious planned a non-religious event, "Rock Beyond Belief", aimed at the non-religious members of Fort Bragg (one that did not include public de-conversions or de-baptisms, unlike Rock The Fort's baptism-including event)--going through all the official channels, getting approval at every step--they were initially denied at the very last stage, being told they didn't "have the numbers" (despite a projected audience larger than Rock the Fort) and then as a concession, shunted to a much too small venue, a tiny gymnasium. You can read the whole story here, and I encourage you to do so.

I hope you'll consider signing the petition here expressing your anger over the unfair discrimination facing atheists over at Fort Bragg.
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