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Angry Remembrance excitement

So, I'm pretty excited about Angry Remembrance for a couple reasons. The main reason is that Angry Remembrance is currently in the top 5 on top web fiction (on the weekly charts.) People are reading my story! And voting for my story!! Yay!! :D I now have at least one regular commenter who I don't know, too, which is cool.

The other exciting thing is that John bought me a week of advertising on Gunnerkrigg Court via Project Wonderful, which is getting me a ton of hits. The advertising is a bit more expensive there than other places, but I think it's worth it not just because GC has so many readers but also because those readers are likely to enjoy Angry Remembrance (they're both urban fantasy-ish serials dealing with magic and culture heroes.)

hamburgerclub is also making me another illustration of Wren, which I'm going to use as my gravatar. Later, if I start getting more comments, we might sell Angry Remembrance T-shirts together. That would be awesome. I know I'd be all about having Wren plastered on my boobs.
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