Wow, like

Every single person on my FL is having some kind of

a) major life crisis
b) depressive episode
c) difficult circumstance beyond their control

hang in there, guys. Let me know if I can help out.
sailor titan

Sonnet Part 2

So, I've evened it off to 8 syllables per line. It's not pentameter, but I feel like that's okay, since It's still an even number of syllables on each line.

Here's the final version that I'm going to use in the illumination, so if you see any BIG MISTAKES, please let me know... once the calligraphy is on the paper, there's no erasing it!




a In innocence I watched you live (8)
b a life with no duty or woe (8)
a and yet your love proved elusive (8)
b your heart I could not hope to know. (8)

c with renewed love and restored heart (8)
d came renewed strife and bitter tears. (8)
c Corruption soon took hold of you (8)
d and confirmed all my darkest fears. (8)

e But where a princely heart can grow (8)
f A princely heart can thaw and heal (8)
e and though this heart was wreathed in shadow (8)
f You taught it once again to feel. (8)

g And so into the sunlit sky (8)
g in unison our hearts will fly. (8)
sailor titan

Update w/ preview!

Pages 33/≈30
Words ≈15,000/≈16,00

So, I'm almost done! Just one major scene left and then on to the editors.

Here's a little preview from episode 19 :3

When called up to the busy sphere of Earth
I look upon a jewel in velvet sky;
a pale and waxen orb that has no mirth
and heave a slow and wasting sigh.
No jibe, no jest or merry song
that I can say or strum for her heart's sake
will make from her a smile belong
or leave the sound of laughter in her wake.
And just as I shall never bring her joy
neither can I bring a smile to your face
it matters not what art I can employ
I can't ascend from my disgrace
And since I cannot bring a smile to thee
I shall wither, waste, and worthless be.

Here' s a fun game! If you can guess who writes the sonnet (and if you've been reading, it should be MEGA OBVIOUS) I will write you a sonnet for your favorite SM ship~<3 Unless it's SeiyaUsa or PerlexChibi-Usa. ¬.¬;;;